“Undocumented” – doublespeak. Right out of 1984.

Following through on a campaign promise, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law Monday easing access to privately funded financial aid for undocumented college students. — LA Times

“Undocumented”. I love the doublespeak. Right out of 1984.

They are here ILLEGALLY. I guess Governor Brown thinks it is better to hide the truth in order to maintain his own power. Power-hungry politician at his best. It is a disgrace that a Governor who is sworn to uphold the LAW just ignores it so blatantly. And worse, encourages law-breakers. What is wrong with the people of California who elected this clown?

One thought on ““Undocumented” – doublespeak. Right out of 1984.”

  1. He’s satisfying his constituents. As long as he does this the all the illegals shall keep voting him in. did you know this is the land of free rides you’ll pay more to go to Disney than an illegal will pay to go to college.

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