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Deputy Jimmy Drummond was caught on dash cam video brutalizing a family.

Drummond followed the son home because the officer claimed he was speeding. As other family members approached the scene, they were all beaten. Sadly police are no longer public servants and the brutal ones are no longer the exception to the rule. The “public serpents” are all about power and money.

Malheur County Sheriffs – Brian Belnap and Brian Beck – illegal stop

Oregon’s Malheur County Sheriffs – Brian Belnap and Brian Beck – illegal stop and then they discuss it forgetting that they are still recording themselves. If anyone had any doubt, the large number of corrupt and dishonest police officers is frightening. Malheur County Sheriffs office actually raises money at the rodeo. In the video, SHARK president Steve Hindi had been ejected from the rodeo for no reason other than he had a camera. And then you see what happens here.

Unconstitutional July 4th Police search by A J Ross

On July 4th 2013, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee held a DUI checkpoint. The video below shows the results of one person asserting their Constitutional rights and the officer demonstrating yet again police often do not know the law they are sworn to protect and defend. The officer should be fired.

Your rights are like muscles, exercise them or lose them.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office
(615) 898-7770

Baltimore police detain someone for taking pictures

Baltimore police detain someone for taking pictures. They admit it is not a crime, but then detain him. This officer shows his ignorance.  Officer Scheidt in particular does not know the law.

They seem to think that you can not ask an illegal alien to provide ID, but you can ask a citizen to do so even when the police have admitted that he was not breaking the law. Talk about a kafkaesque world.

Exercise your rights or lose them.

[Update June 2, 2011]: It appears now that the MTA admits the officers were wrong.  “They can most certainly take photos of our system,” Ralign Wells, the MTA Administrator, said.  “We’ll look at our training processes, we’ll look at whether any administrative situations need to occur with those officers,” Wells added.



D.C. Police Abuse Man in Wheelchair

D.C. Police Abuse Man in Wheelchair by throwing him to the ground and then they leave him there. Where they afraid he’d run? Talk about out of control. Again these are not police officers, but pigs and should be fired.

The D.C. police issued a statement that included stating that “the patron resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair.” Now if you watch the video, you will clearly see the police are lying, they guy did not “fall out” of his wheelchair, he was thrown out of the wheelchair.

Philadelphia Police, disgrace to the badge

If you listen to even the first 15 minutes of this tape you will hear the Philadelphia Police talk to a citizen like they are masters.  The Philadelphia Police involved in this should be fired and arrested.  They are a disgrace to the uniform.  There is no excuse for the police to threaten and hold a citizen at gunpoint while the citizen is performing a legal activity.

I am rarely disgusted by the police but these “officers” are the definition of the word “fascist.”  Disgraces to the badge, acting like common thugs, common criminals.  It is no surprise but the police here are unable to speak English without cursing. They make a mockery of their motto of “honor, service, and integrity” – they showed none of them.

The government always says that ignorance of the law is no excuse, that goes doubly when you are supposed to be enforcing it. Exercise your rights or lose them.

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