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Enumerated Powers, not Enumerated Liberties

Monday, November 22, 2004Enumerated powers, not enumerated libertyThe United States was founded on the principle that we are a country of enumerated government powers not of enumerated individual liberty. Anyone in grade school knows the theory. Anyone in the real world knows that the practice has no bearing on the principle. The Founders created a system to protect that liberty, however as the 20th century showed, a tireless minority in search of power will pervert such a system and then defend their lust for power over you to the death. Continue reading Enumerated Powers, not Enumerated Liberties

The Rule of Law or the Rule of Whim?

November 20, 2000

The Florida Supreme Court faces a clear choice: Whether to act in place of the Florida Legislature and re-write a statute, thus ignoring the will of the people who voted for the legislators who enacted the legislation, or whether to follow the expressed will of the people by upholding the law as written. The choice is judicial activism versus constitutional jurisprudence. If the Florida Supreme Court does indeed re-write the statute, there will no longer be any such thing as a “law.” Continue reading The Rule of Law or the Rule of Whim?