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So this is a semi-centralized crypto, tied to a basket of centralized fiat currencies.  In that case, what is the point?  Just use a database, PayPal, credit cards,  Apple Pay, Zella etc.   This is what Venezuela tried with the Petro to capitalize on buzzwords and the naive. 

It will not be censorship resistant, would not help avoid the whims of central bankers and it is doubtful it would be secure software.

Just wait until one is shadow banned from using the currency.  Or blocked entirely. 

Who could possibly think this is a good idea?

“I Don’t See Myself Casting a BLACK Dude as the Lead”

If a director had said “I DON’T SEE MYSELF CASTING A BLACK DUDE AS THE LEAD” they would be run out of town for being racist.

And yet Jordan Peele stated about making movies after ‘Us’: “I Don’t See Myself Casting a White Dude as the Lead”. ( )

Wow. He is a racist solely focused on skin color.

NIMBY for illegals, trump’s ace? … ZERO Democrat lawmakers volunteer to have them released into their districts

“I have had zero Democrat lawmakers volunteer to have them released into their districts, states and I think they know that. And that’s what we’re going to be discussing over the next three weeks.”

That is a threat – I have the power to do the catch and release where and when I want to.

Do you want your constituents to be the ones who see the illegals in your district? Do you want to be seen as weak on drugs and security? Do you want to be seen as Pelosi’s pawn? When busloads of illegals are released there, your people will be the one’s paying the price instead of some other faceless people “somewhere else.”

It is NIMBY applied to illegals.

The scam? is sending me emails (spam, unsolicited commercial emails) saying I’ve signed petitions that I didn’t sign. Contacting their customer support is useless, but even more disgusting is that they are fraudulently using other people’s email address to sign petitions.

One wonders how many people who sign their petitions are legitimate and how many a fraudulently done like the one below.

One sample today:

We Just Took Back the House of Representatives! It’s Time for Democrats to Step Up and Finally Impeach Trump.
Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief.

People like you and I have been waiting for this moment for two years. We fought for it, canvassed for it, phone-banked for it, and now it’s finally happened — Democrats have won back the U.S. House of Representatives, changing Congressional politics in a major way.

“What now,” you ask?

Walmart keeps sending me Violet Byers Order info
1:17 AM (6 hours ago)

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Dear Violet Byers,

Thanks for using Site to Store for your order. We hope it was helpful and easy to use. More items are added to Site to Store all the time – we hope you’ll continue to use this store pickup service for savings and convenient shipping.

If you have questions or comments about Site to Store, please visit our help section:

Your Customer Service Team

Drug Database in North Carolina – Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter

And continuing the police-state theme for random pat-downs in Philadelphia and warrantless GPS tracking, North Carolina Sheriffs want access to the States Prescription Database.  “We can better go after those who are abusing the system,” said Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter.

Of course, if Lee County installs video cameras in everyone’s home, they could “better go after those who are abusing” their spouses.  If Sheriffs could review all your financial records they could “better go after those who are” dealing in cash.  Oh wait, the Federal Government wants to do that already with 1099s.

The standard for a free country is not to make it easier to monitor the citizens in order to “better go after” someone.  The standard is freedom.

It would me much easier to “better go after” people in a police state where everything is monitored, but no one who values freedom over convenience would care to live in such a place.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon warned Mexico would reject any effort to “criminalize migration.”

Mexican President Felipe Calderon warned Mexico would reject any effort to “criminalize migration.”  May 19, 2010

The hypocrisy of the Mexican President is evident if you consider the facts.  It is terrible that the President of a country like Mexico would be so dishonest as to play politics with the lives of Mexican citizens.

Mexico, annually deports more illegal aliens than the United States does. In 2005 ALONE, Mexico deported approximately 250,000 “migrationists” from Central America.   Mexico has criminalized migration.

Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are in the country legally, have the means to sustain themselves economically, not destined to be burdens on society, of economic and social benefit to society, of good character and have no criminal records, and will contribute to the general well-being of the nation.

Mexico has a record for each foreign visitor, ensuring that visa status are not violated.  Visitors can not interfere with internal politics, visitors who come to Mexico under ‘false pretenses’ are deported or imprisoned and those who aid illegal immigrants are imprisoned.

President Calderon, please be honest.