Anything that is government controlled becomes political.

One of the reasons the United States was founded with a Constitution that limits the power of the Federal Government is to preserve freedom.  For the Founders, preserving liberty was their primary concern.  When government controls and interferes everywhere, liberty is then lost.  Instead of the freedom to spend the products of your own life as you see fit, you are forced to vote to spend the products of everyone’s lives the way a majority sees fit.  This is the antithesis of the Founder’s vision and a moral abomination.  But to make matters worse, when you lose the right to dispose of the products of your own life and effort as you see fit, you become a slave to the majority.   There is no right to enslave people by force — or by vote.  Any attempt to do so will justifiably result in acrimoniousness between the potential slaves and their masters.

As one should have noticed over the last 90 years, the more the government gets invovled, the more vitriol every decision evokes.  When everything is government controlled, everything is political.  When any group decides it can vote itself the rewards provided by some other group, disaster will ensue.  Instead of freedom being the operative concept, power-hungry politicians use group and identity politics to increase the involvement of government in as many sectors as possible, knowing that they can then divide people based on differing opinions.  From science to medicine any government involvement means more issues to argue over and divide over.

Group politics – whether economic or “racial*” – only serves one group, those seeking power.  Everyone else loses when they are manipulated into the belief that it is moral to vote yourself ‘benefits’ at someone else’s expense.  Group politics is used to divide and conquer.

Group politics mean dividing people based on skin color (e.g. affirmative action cares about it), religion, income or many other categories.  Stir up resentment that this “other” group is doing something to harm another or that something is unfair and the government will correct it at the point of a gun.  Instant voting block.  Instant issue and instant power.  The individual is the smallest group and the only one with rights.  Every other distinction is disingenuous and used merely by those in power to maintain control.

[*racial: we are all the human race here, the concept of “race” is an ignorant one]