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Bill Barr to resign in disgrace after hunter and joe biden coverup

Attorney General Bill Barr will resign in disgrace, 12/23/2020 after helping to orchestrate the pre-election coverup of the Hunter and Joe Biden DOJ investigation.

Hey, AG Barr, and the rest of DC, we are not children. Hiding information like Fauci, and Jerome Adams and others have done is despicable. People deserve the facts, they don’t need to be managed.

The nanny state, deep state, inside the beltway idiots want to keep the voters, ignorant, uninformed, and dependent in order to maintain their own power. Completely disgusting.

Is Barr like that? Hiding vital information from the voters makes it seem that way.

Intuit Continues with terrible privacy practices

Intuit Continues with terrible privacy .  Three years later, Intuit again has associated other people’s email addresses with my account and my email address

Where is the verification of emails?  We wrote about this three years ago here:

And Intuit is still unable to correctly verify email addresses.

Brian Krebs has written about it recently here.  Intuit has failed for years.



Fifth Third Bank’s Horrible Customer service strikes again

I continually get calls from 5/3 bank, and today Fifth Third Bank’s horrible customer service strikes again. The idiots from 5/3 are still calling my number asking for “Mark Stanford.” Me: “I don’t know any Mark Stanford.” FifthThird:”Oh, am I mispronouncing your name?” “No, my name is , not ‘Stanford’.” (And it isn’t even close to Continue reading Fifth Third Bank’s Horrible Customer service strikes again

Ferguson Cop Ray Albers Points Gun At Journalists: “I’m Going to Fucking Kill You!”

Ferguson Cop Ray Albers Points Gun At Journalists, states: “I’m Going to Fucking Kill You!”

At approximately 31 seconds into the video, the officer (shown in a still image below) points his weapon at a reporter and says he is going to kill him. If anyone not wearing a badge did that, they would be arrested, tried and spend several decades in jail. When asked his name he answers “Go Fuck Yourself”. Ray Albers has been identified as “Officer Go Fuck Yourself” of the Ferguson Police Department. Where are the prosecutors here?

Update: The officer has been suspended, and he has been named as Ray Albers – updated above.  He has not been arrested for felony assault.

#OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

Officer "Go Fuck Yourself" - unidentified so far
Officer “Go Fuck Yourself” -Ray Albers

Fifth Third Bank Does not Respect (or RSPECT) customers or potential customers

Fifth Third bank does not respect their customers and will harass you even when you are not who they are looking for. The first call was polite, but provided little information: “Hi, my name is Rashida (sp?) calling from 5/3 (aka Fifth Third) bank looking for ‘Mark Sanford'”. She was polite on the voicemail.

Next they called a second time shortly thereafter asked if “Mark Stanford” was here, and I said, no he isn’t at this number and he said a few more things. When I asked what it was about, they said “a personal business matter, are you that person?” I said, “I already answered that” and the guy said “Well, you have a nice day because you are being ignorant.” From the voice of the person and their wanting to “ax” questions, I wonder about the quality of Fifth Third employees. Fifth Third certainly does not train their representatives from “corporate headquarters” (866-450-0037 from caller ID, 866-599-0843 from the number they said to call back on) customer service.

I thought that was the end, but in the last 5 days I have gotten several calls from other “professionals” including the “ignorant” customer service representative again. This is why I do not bank with Fifth Third Bank.

We’re kind of thinking of it as a tech ‘surge’ – Obama Admin. Did they not understand the Mythical Man Month?


“We’re kind of thinking of it as a tech ‘surge,’” an HHS official told POLITICO.


One wonders if the “geniuses” in charge of are experienced in software engineering or software design.  They need to read the classic on Software Engineering/Computer Science/Computer Engineering, the Mythical Man Month.

The summary: Fred Brooks, then at IBM, added more programmers to a project falling behind schedule, a decision that he later concluded had, counter-intuitively, delayed the project even further.  This concept is nearly 40 years old and is a staple of most good major Computer Engineering/Computer Science programs.

Does the media not care?  No, they are just buying the stupidity coming from Washington hook, line, and sinker.


ABCNews Employee says of Romney: “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

“They aren’t concerned at all,” the person says on tape. “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

That line elicits laughter from several employees listening in on the joke.

Video is here, at about 5-6 seconds into the tape:



California is where they invented Facebook – CA Gov. Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown: We’re very entrepreneurial, very innovative and people are still coming here. this is where they put in– invented Facebook. Not in Texas. Not in Arizona. Not in Manhattan. And certainly not under the — you know, the White House, Congress. This is still the wild west and we’ll prove to the rest of the country and the world that we know how to do it.

CHARLIE ROSE: Facebook was invented in Cambridge, Mass.

BROWN: Well, whatever is invented, this is where they are. You guys say — they probably might do a little bit in their laboratory, but they learn fast to get on a plane and get out to California.


”Our government is wiping its a– with the Constitution.” – Ted Nugent

”Our government is wiping its a– with the Constitution.  We’ve got four Supreme Court justices who don’t believe in the Constitution. Does everybody here know that four of the Supreme Court justices not only determined you don’t have the right to keep and bear arms, four Supreme Court justices signed their name to a declaration that Americans have no fundamental right to self-defense? That sounds like a stoned hippie. That doesn’t sound like a Supreme Court anything.”  – Ted Nugent, April 17, 2012