Democrat party operative advocates politicizing covid

As he did with the 2008 crisis, former Democrat Congressman and Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel says: “Let’s make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste”:

“Never allow a good crisis go to waste. It’s an opportunity to do the things you once thought were impossible.”

… All of this is to say, again, that Washington needs to make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste. 

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Later this year and next year, one must remember that again, Democrat Party operatives are advocating the politicization of the coronavirus “to do the things you once thought were impossible.”

Instead of advocating working together, the Democrat Party views this as a political opportunity. As a way to limit freedom and increase government control.

Later when you hear the charge that the Republican party was the one who politicized the virus and science remember that the WaPo, the oligarch who owns the Washington Post, Democrat operatives, Fauci, and the rest of the Washington insiders advocated to ignore the science and politicize the virus. No one in official Washington has condemned the politicization of science nor stated that we should work together. Instead, they too view this is an opportunity, not something to be fixed.

Beware the people trying to add more to government spending that is related to the virus, they are looters, just on a larger scale than those looting stores.

WHO, CDC, State emergency managers, hospital doctors and managers are no experts

I find it funny (in a dark way) that the same idiots at the WHO and CDC who were telling people in January that it wasn’t spreading person to person, who were urging the people of NYC in Feb and early/mid March to go out and mingle, urging Mardi Gras fun, urging Spring Break fun, urging people to not be racist by avoiding going out in early March, and who were telling us in February and March that masks and face coverings wouldn’t help are now are about to change the guidelines to tell everyone to wear them.  And that these are the same group of people who are running the CDC and WHO, and in charge of hospitals and hospital systems around the world and around the country, who are in charge of emergency management in every state, (a) weren’t smart enough to replenish supplies at all during 11 years after the H1N1 pandemic, (b) were too stupid to think that they might need to have extra masks, respirators and ventilators on hand when there were plenty of people out there who spent $20 on a box of N95, or N100 respirators at any point in the last 5 years.  These same “experts” who are now guiding everyone today and yet were too moronic to be able to think strategically for 4+ decades. 

The NY Times and it’s ilk, like Joe Biden, were also calling Trump racist and xenophobic for the late January 2020 travel ban.

Slowing the spread, Flattening the curve, not stopping the spread of covid-19/coronavirus

Today’s announcement about the 15 days to slow the spread is important. Note that this is NOT about stopping the spread. That ship sailed at the end of December 2019 or early January 2020 once it escaped (or was allowed to escape) from China.

Everyone (or some large percentage of a population) is going to get this at some point until there is herd immunity (60-70% of the population as a start) or a vaccine. The goal is to stop a short-term spike, not stop people from getting it.

Of course the same people from the WHO back in January who were saying it wasn’t being transmitted person-to-person are now advising the US government. The same people from NIH/CDC who were saying back in February that it didn’t pose a significant risk to the US population are advising them too. Ditto the same people saying masks don’t help, UNLESS you are a first responder.

If the closures were required in March [edit: and now April], what exactly will have changed by May, June or even September – no vaccine, no herd immunity, no double blind studies showing the efficacy of a treatment etc.   Perhaps widespread fast and accurate testing will allow people out, but so far the testing accuracy has been lacking.

Continuing it longer than 15 or 30 days will make no difference long term unless it continues for 12-24 months without testing and then quarantining people who test positive . Shutting everything down for 1 or 2 years is tantamount to suicide for the country and the world.

Some huge portion of the world population will get it eventually unless there is a vaccine. It is just a question of when.