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Meeting in the middle is what cause the US to move from a government of enumerated powers to one of enumerated liberties.

Meeting in the middle is what cause the US to move from a government of enumerated powers to one of enumerated liberties.

Protection of freedom is absolute. There is no middle. It is like telling the democrat party to meet in the middle regarding slavery: there was no middle, particularly for the slaves they kept.

Unrealized capital gains to be taxed on billionaires?

If this passes – taxing unrealized capital gains for billionaires, it won’t be long until it is applied to the rest of us. The income tax after all was only supposed to hit “only the richest taxpayers.” Sounds like now with the billionaires for huge change in taxing authority.

Envy, greed, money and power are fantastic motivating factors for politicians and their voters.

It will also be rife with fraud for people who can afford it since regular people won’t be able to hire legions of accountants to value private entities, artwork and the like.

Division exclusion inequity

The Democrat’s policies are really division, exclusion, and inequity. It is not diversity, inclusion and equity.

Dividing people by skin color, gender, and county of origin. Exclusion of people from various activities based on skin color and gender – multicultural centers that exclude people who have lighter skin, for example. Inequity by treating some people as more equal than others – some people have to be masked and vaccinated to take part in activities, others do not. Some people have to obey the law, others do not. In short, everyone is equal, just some people are more equal than others.

All this is done to engender hate and envy to amass power to themselves.

The Democrat party leadership hasn’t changed its strips since the Civil War, they are just more adept at hiding their true goals.

Yellen’s ‘race to the bottom’ is pro-monopoly

Yellen’s comments about the U.S. pushing to end global “race to the bottom” tells you all you need to know about her authoritarian, fascist philosophy. When a US official tells you that a monopoly is a good thing, you know that they want control, not liberty. Competition between countries and their tax systems keeps people free and countries honest. Freedom requires competition and the authoritarians worldwide don’t like it.

Yellen is proposing a “race to the bottom” herself where there is one huge monopoly that she and totalitarians like her control everyone and everything in order to leech of the 99% on the bottom.

Yellen and her cronies ignore the fact that only people pay taxes. They stir up envy and hate in order to divide people so that they can then conquer them. Then they use their envy and hate to get people to vote themselves into higher tax regimes so that they can take their cut in money and power.

The statists want monopolies that they can control, and this is a huge step into getting it.

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Bill Barr to resign in disgrace after hunter and joe biden coverup

Attorney General Bill Barr will resign in disgrace, 12/23/2020 after helping to orchestrate the pre-election coverup of the Hunter and Joe Biden DOJ investigation.

Hey, AG Barr, and the rest of DC, we are not children. Hiding information like Fauci, and Jerome Adams and others have done is despicable. People deserve the facts, they don’t need to be managed.

The nanny state, deep state, inside the beltway idiots want to keep the voters, ignorant, uninformed, and dependent in order to maintain their own power. Completely disgusting.

Is Barr like that? Hiding vital information from the voters makes it seem that way.