“Undocumented” – doublespeak. Right out of 1984.

Following through on a campaign promise, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law Monday easing access to privately funded financial aid for undocumented college students. — LA Times

“Undocumented”. I love the doublespeak. Right out of 1984.

They are here ILLEGALLY. I guess Governor Brown thinks it is better to hide the truth in order to maintain his own power. Power-hungry politician at his best. It is a disgrace that a Governor who is sworn to uphold the LAW just ignores it so blatantly. And worse, encourages law-breakers. What is wrong with the people of California who elected this clown?

“The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.” – Obama

The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically. President Obama, July 15, 2011

He is right, the power-hungry, class-warfare motivated, politicians want to increase their power over the purse by increasing taxes.  It is too bad that both the President and Democrat members of Congress are so dug in ideologically that they insist on tax increases – or “revenues” as the double-speak coming from the President and Congress refers to them.

Mulishness on taxes dooms Debt talks – power vs freedom

Mulishness on taxes dooms debt talks in Washington.  When one side will not consider that the problem is spending and not revenues (e.g. taxes) and insists on raising taxes, the talks are doomed to fail.

Do you want to be on the side of freedom for people or against freedom?  It seems the democrat party has decided they favor their own power over our freedom.



Compromising Our Freedom Away – and now compromising our money away

Washington is abuzz that the Republican Congress must “compromise” on their no new taxes pledge.   The press believes that they can paint the Republicans as obstructionists.  Why?  Why is one side that stands for freedom and liberty being painted as the “obstructionists” for wanting to prevent the loss of liberty?

Let’s do a little experiment.  You stand at your back door.  I am going to stand at the street at the edge of your property.  Now, I say, “I want to be able to use all the property from the street to your front door.”  You say “no.”  I say, “Okay, let’s compromise.”  You say “no.”  I reply, “why you are you being an obstructionist and extreme?  Why won’t you compromise with me?”  The correct answer is that individual liberty and individual rights are not to be compromised away.

We started at the street over one hundred years ago with the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.  Every decade we have been told that the loss of freedom is “for a good cause” whether it be safety or health.  Now we are a substantial distance towards the front door.  Every year we compromise a little more freedom away.  Every decade the loss of liberty comes a little closer to your front door.  Every step towards the house is a loss of the hours of your life that are represented by the money you earn.   The power-hungry statists know without someone drawing a line in the sand, they will eventually reach the house.  It may be an inch a year, with some years being a few yards.  Slowly and steadily your freedom is being whittled away.

Goldwater was told that he was being extreme for avoiding compromise on the defense of liberty.  It is the technique of the power-hungry, anti-freedom crusaders to call those who stand for freedom “extreme” when the opposite is true.  The extreme spenders, and extremely power-hungry politicians in Washington are extremely eager to take your freedom from you and rule you from afar.

People who care about liberty are still being told “why don’t you compromise”?  Who compromises with the destroyers of liberty?  Why would anyone who is sane compromise on the defense of their freedom unless they want to be the ones who rule the rest of us?

Defense of the Constitution and Liberty is not obstructionism.  Defense of freedom is not extremism.



Obstructionism reaches new high in Washington

The obstructionist, extremist big-spenders in Washington today continue to block measures for the United States to live within its means.  The extreme spenders in Washington continue to believe that they know better than you what to do with your money.  The power-hungry extremists are willing to spend the United States off a cliff by spending irresponsibly in order to buy your votes with your money.  This puts the power-hungry politicians in a position of control over you by control of the purse.  Instead of Freedom and Liberty, the extremists prefer power – their power over you.

Instead of a compromise that involves freedom, the power-hungry extreme spenders want more control over you and your family.  No compromise on spending with them, just foot-dragging and blaming others for 4 years (2006-2010) of Democrat Controlled Congressional spending.

Will the extremist Democrat obstructionist compromise and let the United States live within its means?  Or will the extreme spenders insist on their own power-grabbing schemes until it is too late for the programs they claim to support (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid)?


Obstructionism and extremism by President and Senate risk default?

The foot dragging, obstructionism, and extremism demonstrated by the President and the Senate show that they are not serious about being financially responsible. Extreme spenders are like addicts and are reluctant to cut off their habit. But what do you expect from the extremist, obstructionist, power-hungry politicians in Washington?

It is appalling that the Democrat President and Democrat Senate will not compromise with the Republicans here and live within our means. The Democrat politicians clearly do not understand the complexities of the world.

Shared Sacrifice – everyone pays income taxes?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) files a cloture motion on Senate bill 1323, a “Sense of the Senate” bill on “Shared Sacrifice.”

We don’t suppose that this means that EVERYONE will pay income taxes? No, Senator Harry Reid means “some people will pay a lot more and nearly 50% of the people will pay no income taxes” when he says “shared sacrifice.”


Talk about abuse of the English language right out of 1984.


Extremist Democrat Demagogues in Washington reach new heights (or low?)

Will the extremist Democrat Demagogues in Washington be financially responsible?  Will the sun go dark at noon tomorrow?  This week the President has reached a new low in demagoguery.

The President demagogues about the rich and their jets while a Democrat controlled House and filibuster-proof Senate passed with President Obama’s signature, the very  provisions President Obama is complaining about.

This goes to show how far the extremist Democrat demagogues in Washington go to hold on to their own power instead of doing what is right and responsible.

The extreme spenders in Washington are more concerned about their own power rather than financial responsibility.  The height of extremist foot-dragging has come from the President this week.

A court says that minorities are burdened by being held to the same standards as everyone else?

“A federal appeals court has struck down Michigan’s ban on the consideration of race and gender when enrolling students at public colleges and universities because it burdens minorities.”

What does it mean when a court says that minorities are burdened by being held to the same standards as everyone else when applying to college?  Think about what it implies about minorities!

And worse, it is institutional racism.