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WYDEN: “I can’t imagine the Supreme Court wants to give the wealthiest people on earth billions in tax cuts.”

Let’s parse “I can’t imagine the Supreme Court wants to give the wealthiest people on earth billions in tax cuts”. There is no annual billionaires wealth tax or taxes on unrealized gains yet. Wyden says that NOT TAXING PEOPLE is a tax cut? Is anyone paying attention to his stupidity? So every year that 100% of your income is not taxed, you got a tax cut. There are grave constitutional issues for imposing taxes on unrealized gains, does anyone in DC care?

Is he the dumbest person in the Senate? Perhaps, but there is plenty of competition.

It won’t be long until this impacting “a few hundred” people is “a few hundred million people.” Remember the $400,000 cutoff is where one is rich or not.

“Build Back Better” is an Orwellian name if ever there was one. The Democrat party and many of their voters believe that your life and the products of it may be disposed of at their whim. The same justification that led to their defense of slavery, just in the third party now: it isn’t “we need it”, it is “someone else’s need justifies taking the hours of your life.”


p.s. If you want to destroy a country and liberty, debase the currency. The degree to which the currency is debased will be proportional to the destruction. MMT is insanity masquerading as economics.

Division exclusion inequity

The Democrat’s policies are really division, exclusion, and inequity. It is not diversity, inclusion and equity.

Dividing people by skin color, gender, and county of origin. Exclusion of people from various activities based on skin color and gender – multicultural centers that exclude people who have lighter skin, for example. Inequity by treating some people as more equal than others – some people have to be masked and vaccinated to take part in activities, others do not. Some people have to obey the law, others do not. In short, everyone is equal, just some people are more equal than others.

All this is done to engender hate and envy to amass power to themselves.

The Democrat party leadership hasn’t changed its strips since the Civil War, they are just more adept at hiding their true goals.