2008 Presidential Debates

Q: This year’s deficit will reach $455 billion. Won’t some programs you are proposing have to be eliminated?

OBAMA: Every dollar I’ve proposed, I’ve proposed an additional cut hat it matches. To give an example, we spend $15 billion a year on subsidies to insurance companies. It doesn’t help seniors get better. It’s a giveaway. I want to go through the federal budget line by line, programs that don’t work, we cut. Programs we need, we should make them work better. Once we get through this economic crisis, we’re going to have to embrace a culture of responsibility, all of us, corporations, the federal government, & individuals who may be living beyond their means.



if you win, you suddenly produce what sounds like 1984 – Breyer

If you win this case, then there is nothing to prevent the police or the government from monitoring 24 hours a day the public movement of every citizen of the United States. So if you win, you suddenly produce what sounds like 1984 from their brief.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, November 8, 2011

Warrantless 24 hour per day monitoring

Police can place a GPS device on your car to follow all of your movements, for any length of time. The Supreme Court on Tuesday is scheduled to hear arguments about whether investigators need to get a warrant before doing so.  [Obama Administration] Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. told the Supreme Court that “any individual who moves on public roadways knows that his movements can be readily observed.” WashingtonExaminer.com


If there is no judicial oversight for monitoring of the citizens of the United States, get ready for continual, 24 hour continuous monitoring of everyone’s movements.  It may not occur this year or next, but once the door is open, history shows it will happen.

One can hope the United States Supreme Court stands up for the Constitution since the President is not doing so.


Homophobic slurs from the White House – where is GLAAD?

Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on.

The homophobic in the White House seems to think that disparaging people by using homophobic slurs is a good strategy.  Where is GLAAD now?  After three years of overt racism from the White House and many in the Democrat party caring more about skin color than what is right for the American people and American economy, the Democrats have now turned to using homophobia to attack opponents.

Does the White House think that attacking opponents with homophobic slurs is a positive strategy?