Federal Court: Voter ID laws impose “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor”

A Federal Court in Washington DC ruled today that the Texas voter ID law that requires voters to present a photo ID imposes “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor”.

We presume that requirements to show your ID will no longer be permissible at airports, at bars, at banks, at passport offices, at liquor stores,  at state licensing bureaus, when buying cigarettes, when buying cold medicine, when enrolling in a university or college or starting a business.  In short, no one will no longer be able to ask for IDs to verify identity or age.



ABCNews Employee says of Romney: “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

“They aren’t concerned at all,” the person says on tape. “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

That line elicits laughter from several employees listening in on the joke.

Video is here, at about 5-6 seconds into the tape:



Racist NBC follows MSNBC’s racist policies and only posts excerpts from non-minority speakers

NBC followed MSNBC’s racist policies and only posted excerpts from non-minority speakers at the Tuesday opening of the RNC.

NBC selected Ann Romney, Chris Christie, John Boehner, Bob McDonnell, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, and Nikky Haley (although Governor Haley is of Indian descent).  Where were the speeches from Artur Davis, Mia Love, and Ted Cruz?  Why is NBC biased against minorities?  Why is NBC racist?


Racists Chris Matthews and Racist Rachel Maddow from MSNBC exclude coverage from minorities at RNC

The racist Chris Matthews and racist Rachel Maddow from MSNBC excluded nearly all coverage from minorities at RNC last night.  The racism rampant at MSNBC was evident when MSNBC switched away from “former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S.House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American.”

What do Democrat racist Chris Matthews and  Democrat racist Rachel Maddow have against minorities?  Why does MSNBC invite racists who exclude minorities on to its network?

More details are here: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/28/msnbc-abandons-gop-convention-during-every-speech-by-a-minority/

Democrat Senator Al Franken “I just don’t like homosexuals,”… “I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed.”

“It’s not preppies, ‘cause I’m a preppie myself. I just don’t like homosexuals. If you ask me, they’re all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.” – Democrat Senator Al Franken

Mr. Franken, a 1973 graduate of Harvard, was referring to Harvard’s Hasty Pudding theatrical club.  The hate coming from the Left is crazy. Who cares about skin color or sexual orientation?


Read more: Inside the Beltway – Washington Times

Obama: “a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. “

“Red line.”

When asked about reports that Syria may be prepared to use chemical weapons against rebels, Obama said: “We have been very clear to the (Bashar Assad) regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”
President Obama, August 20, 2012

Does Biden have “the mental capacity to handle” the Presidency?

KUDLOW: You know, what did he say? ‘Y’all going to be put back in chains’? That almost has racial overtones, Rudy Giuliani. What’s your take on that?

GIULIANI: Well, I think if it came from somebody serious maybe we’d get all excited about it. But the — I think the vice president of the United States has become a laugh line on late night television. I mean, he — I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright. He’s never been bright. He isn’t bright. And people think, ‘Well, he just talks a little too much.’ Actually he’s not very smart.