Intuit TurboTax ignores their privacy policy too!

Intuit TurboTax creates accounts also without verifying email addresses.  And provides no method to correct them.  So, anyone can create an account using your email address and you are then prevented from using it at Intuit.

The worst part is that I called in, told them someone was using my email address to set up a TurboTax account so they sent me a password reset link.  Which allowed me to use my own email address-but it was filled in with someone else’s information that apparently did not know their own email address.  It included name, address, social security.  Fortunately I deleted those details for them, but if someone had bad motives it would be a perfect opportunity to steal this person’s identity.

Intuit needs to verify email addresses prior to creating accounts using them.  



New Account Confirmation

Dear TurboTax Customer,

Thank you for creating an account with us. We have listed your user ID and security question below. Please print this page, and then fill in your password and security answer for your records.

User ID:

Security Question: What was your first teacher’s last name?

Thanks for using TurboTax!

Note: This e-mail was automatically generated. Please do not respond to this e-mail address; it comes from our automated alert system, which is not monitored for responses.