ClimateGate source code more damning than emails

Check out this link to an article that shows that the ClimateGate computer source code (e.g. the program that processes the data) has more issues than the emails do.

Part of the summary:

For those who can’t follow what is being stated here is that data after 1960 will be “artificially adjusted” to “hide the decline”. In other words they were hardcoding in the program ways to manipulate the data to hide the decline in temperatures.

But then the scientific (???) journal, Nature finds nothing out of the ordinary in previous papers relying on the data.  At least we know Nature is on the global warming without scientific inquiry bandwagon.

…capitalism or socialism is we are going to have both…

But the other part of human nature is communitarianism. There’s a natural tendency of human beings, in addition to wanting to do things for themselves, they feel a great responsibility in wanting to be part of a community. So I think the debate for the new generation is instead of capitalism or socialism is we are going to have both and which proportion of each should we have in order to make this all work. Its a much more sensible debate. Howard Dean, DNC, 4/5/2009, Paris, France

Howard Dean needs to learn the difference between doing something voluntarily and being forced to do something.   Socialism is forced, communitarianism is not.  Communitarianism is “small self-governing communities” not mammoth government from Washington.  It is time Howard Dean learns the facts before he speaks.