Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany

Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany. Once Helen Thomas, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the rest of Congress and the administration return to the native lands of their forefathers, then they can bring this up. After all, if you go back far enough no one is from the United States. If you only go back 500 years, well, everyone knows the history. How long has there been a Jewish presence in Israel? 4000 years or more?

Helen Thomas, racist and anti-semite.

Helen Thomas says: “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. Not Germany. Not Poland.” When asked what the Jews should do, Thomas said “They go home. Poland. Germany. And America and everywhere else.”

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McCartney on Bush: ‘It’s Great To Have A President Who Knows What A Library Is’…

‘It’s Great To Have A President Who Knows What A Library Is’… Paul McCartney

This coming from the super-well-educated Paul McCartney who was born in 1942 and left school in 1960.  That’s right, Paul McCartney, who has the United Kingdom equivalent of a United States High School education, critcizing President George W. Bush who graduated with an undergraduate degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

I like the Beatles, but Paul needs to get a clue.

(see for example, Wikipedia)

Crist – a dishonest, unprincipled, power-hungry, lying, opportunist of a politician.

Crist complains it is “lonely” on the campaign trail and that his “friends” didn’t support his change of party.  A betraying politician and doesn’t understand why.  Crist’s problems are multi-fold:

1. He lied to voters and his “friends” in the Republican party repeatedly in 2010. When it didn’t look like he had a chance of winning, he broke his repeated promises. Now he doesn’t understand why any one with an ounce of honesty and character wants anything to do with him? Well, that just adds STUPIDITY to Crist’s flaws.

2. Crist ran on a party with principles based on freedom and then betrayed that. It shows Crist has one principle: POWER FOR HIMSELF. If he thinks that party is “too far right” it means that he is willing to sell out some of your freedom to gain power for himself instead of defending liberty.  Who wants a politician who is more concerned with his own power than your freedom?

3. “Lonely”?  Come on, be a man Charlie.  Stop crying about the consequences of the choices you made.  We elected someone who complains about being “lonely” on the campaign trail?  Come on, how old is Charlie Crist?  Four? Five?

4. Crist didn’t leave because of principles, he left because he couldn’t win.  Hearing Crist talk about principles is like hearing Mao talk about his fondness for liberty.  Why would ANYONE vote for someone who has NO PRINCIPLES?  You will have no idea who you are voting for, except someone who will do what is best, best for himself that is.

Sorry, Charlie, Florida wants politicians who are (a) honest, (b) keep their word, and (c) are willing to fight for freedom, not power.  Crist is none of those: he is an dishonest, unprincipled, power-hungry, lying, opportunist of a politician.  And since he doesn’t understand why he is unpopular after lying repeatedly to the citizens and voters of Florida, he must be stupid too.

A No Win Situation for Isreal

The point of the blockade crashers was exactly this – a no win situation for Israel.
1. If Israel keeps them offshore, the press is bad because the “peace activists” (who video shows had stun grenades and other weapons and used them to attack) will be described by the press as just want to help the terrorist organization who has as its charter the destruction of Israel.

2. Let them in, weapons get to the terrorists and the terrorists are emboldened.

3. Try to board and be attacked (update: see video below) and see how it escalates.

No matter what, Israel lost – which was the point of the challenges to the blockade – and the world press will only look superficially at the situation and buy the BS that is being sold them without looking at the reasons and ramifications. And even if 99% of the idiots on the boats were innocent they were being used by the 1%. Nukes and other WMDs surround Israel and Israel is supposed to let the terrorist supporters in or get closer?

The world will eventually pay for lack of stability and vision. Neville Chamberlain should have taught us the folly of appeasement.