Extreme Taxes coming from Washington

Without serious spending reform, extreme tax levels will be coming from Washington.  The choices are to either reign in spending now voluntarily or have it forced upon the United States sometime in the future.  Spending and tax reform now are the responsible ways.  Government shutdown voluntarily is better than involuntarily shutting it down in a few years.  However, the extreme taxers in Washington are more interested in maintaining their own power than responsibility.

Extreme Deficits coming from Washington

Extreme Deficits are coming from Washington without serious spending reform.  The extreme spenders in Washington are more interested in saving the power over the rest of us than being responsible.  For the extremists in Washington, you know the ones who are more interested in spending other people’s money, their motto is “extremism in the defense of power is no vice.”

The proper view is to maximize freedom for people, not maximize power for extremist power hungry politicians in Washington.  Don’t be manipulated into trading your freedom for their power with false promises of safety.