Twitter fascists silence speech

Twitter’s rationale: “behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm” — is extraordinarily crazy and could be used against anyone if the powers-that-be decided it was politically necessary. Big tech corporations are taking fascism to heart to silence dissent using illogical, nonsense, non sequiturs like “hate speech” and the above.
This is authoritarianism of the fascism/socialism variety at its finest. Speech codes and “hate speech” nonsense to silence critics. Corporations favoring one political party and muzzling the other while claiming to be “neutral platforms”. Using nonsense phrases like “dog whistle” to attribute something not said to an opponent to tar and feather him or her. Wanting to disarm the populace. Universal corporate and government surveillance to monitor everyone and everything, wait until you use Facebook’s Diem, they’ll know everything you buy too. Fascists de-platforming non-violent groups and using phrases like the illogical, nonsensical term “hate speech” to justify it.
As compared to the other side, wanting freedom, letting people make their own choices, letting people set their own priorities and getting government out of the way so that they can do so. The heavy hand of the control freak, power hungry elites versus regular people who want to live their lives without being controlled from DC.
Reagan said it nicely, there is no left or right, just up or down. Up to the maximum freedom consistent with order or down into the ant heap of totalitarianism. The authoritarians want power, control and to reap the rewards of taking a vig from everyone.

FOX NEWS: More than half of coronavirus cases spread by asymptomatic carriers, #CDC model shows

More than half of coronavirus cases spread by asymptomatic carriers, CDC model shows A new model from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that those who are infected with but show no signs of COVID-19 account for more than half of all coronavirus cases. Read in Fox News:
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