Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Taxpayer Bill of Rights
The Governor of Colorado, Bill Owens (Wall Street Journal, Letters, June 24, 2005) laments that the ratcheting down effect in the Tabor and calls it a “flaw.” In fact, it is a strength of those bills. He also claims that it “hurts”. The question is, who does it hurt? The politicians who want more money to spend! Letting you keep more of your own money doesn’t “hurt,” unless you are the person who wants to spend someone else’s hard earned dollars! Continue reading Taxpayer Bill of Rights

MSNBC’s Olbermann’s Errors and Bias

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Olbermann’s Errors quotes MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann finding a Family Research Council “flip-flop”. ( Unfortunately for anyone concerned with facts and truth, Olbermann ignores the ones that get in the way.

The facts missing from the article are quite illustrative of the bias of Olbermann and Continue reading MSNBC’s Olbermann’s Errors and Bias

Free Speech – McCain Feingold Unconstitutionality

April 15, 2005 McCain Feingold Unconstitutionality

The Internet was exempted from the McCain-Feingold regulations in a 4-2 vote by the FEC in 2002, but U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly overturned the decision during the Fall of 2004. Two things that need to be made perfectly clear:

1. Several people have advocated impeaching the Judge. But the problem is not Judge Kollar-Kotelly. Continue reading Free Speech – McCain Feingold Unconstitutionality

Social Security & Withholding, a Generational Transfer Scheme

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 Social Security & Withholding

It isn’t just the under-30s who are fed up with social security. Many of those of us under 40 feel the same way. Right now, I would be happy to just write-off all my previous social security “contributions” (wait, “contributions” are supposed to be voluntary, aren’t they?) Continue reading Social Security & Withholding, a Generational Transfer Scheme

Enumerated Powers, not Enumerated Liberties

Monday, November 22, 2004Enumerated powers, not enumerated libertyThe United States was founded on the principle that we are a country of enumerated government powers not of enumerated individual liberty. Anyone in grade school knows the theory. Anyone in the real world knows that the practice has no bearing on the principle. The Founders created a system to protect that liberty, however as the 20th century showed, a tireless minority in search of power will pervert such a system and then defend their lust for power over you to the death. Continue reading Enumerated Powers, not Enumerated Liberties

Back to the USSR? Compliments of Rep. David Dreier

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Back to the USSR?
Rep. David Dreier introduced Legislation ( to force people to carry national ID cards with them which are tied into a national database. If Dreier is an example of the Republican party, the Republican Party is no longer the party of Reagan and Goldwater, only of the old USSR. So much for maximizing Liberty, Dreier is taking us one step closer to totalitarianism. Continue reading Back to the USSR? Compliments of Rep. David Dreier

No Privacy Jihad

No Privacy Jihad, April 1, 2004

Regarding the editorial “The ‘Privacy’ Jihad” in the April 1, 2004 Wall Street Journal, the short response to Heather Mac Donald is from Franklin: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” This phrase was used often in the Revolutionary period, even as early as November 1755 Continue reading No Privacy Jihad

Individual Rights and Today's Issue