Free Speech – McCain Feingold Unconstitutionality

April 15, 2005 McCain Feingold Unconstitutionality

The Internet was exempted from the McCain-Feingold regulations in a 4-2 vote by the FEC in 2002, but U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly overturned the decision during the Fall of 2004. Two things that need to be made perfectly clear:

1. Several people have advocated impeaching the Judge. But the problem is not Judge Kollar-Kotelly.

2. The problem is the entire campaign finance reform idea: The idea that the words of the First Amendment are meaningless because the Supreme Court chooses to ignore them.

The solution is to elect people to Congress and the Presidency who will protect and defend the Constitution, not give in to political expedicency.

The truth about the supposed grass-roots movement on Campaign-Finance reform showed that of the $140 million spent on this type of reform, over $123 million came from EIGHT liberal foundations. And the goal was to only influence members of Congress and the President into being convinced it was a grass-roots movement when in reality it was not. It is clear that the liberal foundations sold out their own liberal base. And now will attempt to convince them that it was a Republican plot to stop blogging.

The solution is clear: repeal McCain-Feingold.

The alternative is to ingore McCain-Feingold in your blog and take it to the Supreme Court and have it over-turned completely then. When there are 500,000 to 5 million blogs ignoring the Unconstitional McCain-Feingold law, it will become clear that the law violates the Constitution.