A Clinton-McCain Ticket for 2008???

If Senator John McCain loses in Florida or suffers a large defeat on Super-Tuesday, expect that Senator Hillary Clinton will offer Senator McCain the Vice President spot. He might take time to consider it and wait until the convention to announce, but Senator McCain must realize that 2012 will be too late. Will he jump at the chance to be Vice President? Will Hillary actually offer it? The two politicians are friendly and share many similar views, so it is not out of the realm of possibilities.Is the reverse likely (McCain choosing Clinton as running-mate) if by some small chance Hillary Clinton does not win the Democratic nomination? Not at all, McCain would pick Huckabee for a running-mate (or at least some high-level position) if he helps enough. If Obama or someone else wins the Democratic nomination, McCain should have enough political sense to pick a non-white-male. Stupid or not, it is the smart political calculation.