Will Senator McCain Run in 2012 if he wins in 2008?

Given Senator McCain’s victory in Florida yesterday, the Senator needs to answer a few questions before Super-Tuesday. Unquestionable, someone in their 70s can be President, PresidentReagan was 69 when he took office, Senator McCain will be 72 when he would take office, if he wins. Senator Clinton and Governor Romney would be 61 in January 2009. Senator Obama would be 47.1. How will he counter the age argument when it comes up in the election? How will he counter the different generation argument? Both Senator Clinton or – even more so – Senator Obama will raise it?2. Will Senator McCain run for a second term in 2012? This is an important question because in 2012 Senator McCain will be 76. President Reagan was 77 when he left office and the media played up the age angle. No matter how good his press is now, the media will abandon him once the primaries are complete and even more so in 2012. 3. Given his age, he needs to consider a younger Vice Presidential running mate. As we advocated last week, Mitt Romney or Rudy would make good choices as would J.C. Watts.We advocated that President Bush switch Vice Presidents in 2004 in order to anoint a liberty-oriented successor, and Senator McCain needs to consider this question.Mitt Romney should also consider the running mate questions because Super-Tuesday could be Mitt’s day. However, given the history of age of former Presidents Senator McCain should be considering the questions now.