Wyden says bill could have prevented AIG Bonuses

At the Huffington Post, Democrat Senator Ron Wyden is quoted as saying that had “that legislation [a large tax on bonuses] been passed it would have been a very strong disincentive to anybody paying out bonuses in the future.”  Wyden did vote against the major bailouts, but appears to have voted for the “stimulus.”

Let’s recall a few facts:

1. The “Stimulus” Bill that both Houses and the President approved included provisions authorizing the bonuses.  Perhaps if Congress READ their Bills they would not be able blame someone else when people do what Congress is authorized.

2. A large number of people have made the statement, “but it is taxpayer money.”  I agree that it is taxpayer money.

The real question though is whether we want to go down the path of controlling everyone who receives taxpayer money?

However, if we are going to do so, we need to think about the consequences in detail:

a. If you receive food stamps, shall we limit your choices to low-fat food?  Soda?

b. If you receive Medicare, how much of your life can we control?  Pretty much everything since we are footing the bill. Are you over-weight?  Get on the treadmill.  Do you drink?  Stop, we’re going to pay for your new liver.  Like chocolate?  Sorry, diabetes.  Ride a bike?  Put on a helmet!  Like to sunbathe?  Skin cancer, get inside.  It is taxpayer money paying for your vices.  Should the taxpayers be paying and not having input?

c. Are you on Social Security?  What can’t taxpayers control since we’re paying your bills.


d. Cash for clunkers?  Hope you aren’t a lead foot!

e. ObamaCare – apply the Medicare rules to everyone!

Trading freedom for the chance to pick someone else’s pocket is a bad idea morally and fiscally.