Senator Specter’s idea of Justice is Purely Political

“There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.” Senator Arlen Specter, (D-PA) to Deborah Solomon, New York Times, paper date May 10, 2009, on-line May 5th. (NYTimes)

“Last night I came to him and I said ‘Arlen what’s all this about?’ And he said ‘I forgot what team I was on.‘” – Senator Reid, CNN with Wolf Blitzer, May 6, 2009, (YouTube video from CNN)

So Senator Specter who stated he wanted the Minnesota court to do “justice” tells Senator Reid later that his answer was because he forgot what team he was on?  Since when should justice depend on what political party Specter belongs to?  When you have a power-hungry Senator!  What an embarrassment to the people of Pennsylvania and the United States.