ObamaCare logos for health insurance companies

Some suggested logos and slogans for US Health Care companies who are hoping to survive ObamaCare, the second image adds Geico and Aflac’s suggested versions – both groups remain since the second one is less kid-friendly:

Humana: Bureaucracy when you need it least

UnitedHealthcare: Healing health care. Together. With Death Panels.

Czar Permanente of CA

Aetna:  We want to control you

Statist Farm: And like a good commie,Statist Farm is there

Blue Cross/Red Sickle

Allstatist:  Your in big brother’s hands.

Cigna: Live well. Think Well.  Dream Well.  OR ELSE.

Lieco: A 15 month wait could save us 50% or more!

Alf*&ced (Aflac)

Suggested Insurance Company Logos
Suggested Insurance Company Logos