Smith Barney, Intuit Payroll, and Amex update

Smith Barney sent a welcome message to Harold Bxxxxx, welcoming Harold B to Smith Barney online and another for account number ###-##099 being enrolled in E-Delivery with the last 3 SSN ending in 040.  Smith Barney, like others, links to their privacy policy, and does a wonderful job following it.  They do give an 800 number (800-221-3636) to call, but no link or email address to notify them.

Next we have Intuit QB Basic Payroll sending order # SBL36468501 for 243.89 to me for Grant Kxxxxx in Boca Raton, Florida with no reply address and no way to notify them that they are sending information to someone else.

An update on the American Express “Settlement and Payment Advice Report for SE No: 9740108691.”  American Express is still sending them.  While asking to be notified by email, but messages to their notification email address still bounce.

How about companies adopt a standard link at the end of their emails to notify them to review the address?