Democrats adopt the Jim Crow “one drop rule” to attack critics of President Obama as ‘racists’!

The “one drop rule” was one of the most odious and infamous rules of the Jim Crow era.  Now it being given new life by the Democrat Party in order to silence criticism of President Obama.  The Democrat machine uses it to impugn the “race” of President Obama.  Instead of accepting the fact that critics of the President are attacking his policies, the Democrat establishment attacks those who disagree with the President as “racists.”

Ignoring for now the stupidity of believing skin color or eye color or hair color is an indication of “race” – we’re all part of the human race – what the Democrat defenders are saying is that “since the President is ‘black’ anyone who attacks him is a racist.”

Now why is that relevant?  Simple.  President Obama’s father was “black” from Kenya. President Obama’s mother was “white” from Kansas.  Now to be labeled a “racist” for attacking the President’s policies, one has to accept that President Obama is “black.” Given that one parent was “white” and the other “black,” one must accept the most repulsive, vile, and repugnant “one drop rule” from the Jim Crow era – which meant that “one drop of ‘black blood'” essentially made one “non-white.” In fact, it was much worse than that. In 1911, Arkansas pass Act 320, a.k.a. the “one-drop rule,” making “interracial cohabitation” a felony and defining as “Negro” anyone “who has…any negro blood whatever.”  The Supreme Court remedied this stupidity in 1967 when it over-turned the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, but now the racists in the Democrat Party want to bring it back.  (For an authoritative discussion, see the book “Who is Black” by F. James Davis, excerpts of which are available on the internet).

Are the people who say that attacks on the President’s policies are racist really advocating adoption of the “one drop rule”? Are the racist Democrats really espousing the “one drop rule” for the President? They are making the argument that the most infamous racists in history were making: that one drop of “black” blood makes you black.  The “one drop” rule, infamous in the Jim Crow era.  Talk about the critics embracing the worst of the racist past and using it to call others racist!

Skin color is irrelevant, freedom and policies are the only concerns.  The true racists are those who think that one’s skin color is relevant and that the “one drop” rule should apply to the President.  The President would get the same criticism whomever his parents were, just as President Bush did  for some of his idiotic policies.  Under the Jim Crow system employed regarding criticism of President Obama, a black mother can never have a white baby, while a white mother can have a black baby.  Is that rational?  Is it even relevant?  No, dividing people by skin color is a technique used to gather power by the divide and conquer mentality.  People have the right to be free no matter their eye color, hair color or skin color.  This policy means so much for Thurgood Marshall’s insistence that “classifications and distinctions based upon race or color have no moral or legal validity in our society” and Martin Luther King’s wish that his children would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Family history and genealogy is a wonderful treasure, but it has no place in government policy.  “Race” is a bad concept who’s time has long gone.  Everyone in the United States is “American” without any hyphens.  It is time that people started to behave that way.