Throw out the old flag along with the Constitution…

With the “Health Insurance” vote, it has become clear of the two major parties, there is one party of freedom and one party of totalitarianism.  Anyone intellectually honest knows the Constitution prohibits government actions such as this (or the Patriot Act for that matter). To see a document of enumerated, limited powers twisted into the opposite by power-hungry politicians sworn to protect and defend it is disgusting. The Founders are not just spinning in their graves, they have spun so fast they have completely disintegrated.  Just like the protections in the Constitution.

So, the United States can now throw out the old flag while Congress throws out the last vestiges of the Constitution.  As such, a more modern flag is needed.  Several contenders to replace the old “Stars and Stripes” with a more timely flag are shown below.

Which do you prefer?  Let us know in the comments!

Sickle and Strips
Sickle and Stripes - Option 1
Stars, Sickle and Stripes
Stars, Sickle and Stripes - Option 2
Star-sickle and Stripes
Star-sickle and Stripes - Option 3