What is so bad about going to doctor and not having to pay?

A friend of my cousin’s stated, in defense of ObamaCare, “What is so bad about going to doctor and not having to pay?”  One answer is that SOMEONE has to pay.  You will pay one way or the other.  You will pay in cash, in respect from your friends, and in your liberty.  There is no middle ground between being a welfare parasite and being free.

There are two ways of dealing with others – voluntarily or at the point of a gun. This solution is to put a gun to my cousin’s head and the Dr’s head and say, “I don’t want to pay my own way, I want YOU to pay for MY choices.” If you want to be free, the gun is not the logical or moral choice. It is the parasitic choice. The thing is that if my cousin’s friend is doing it to the two of them, there are 100s of people who will be doing it to her. Is that what anyone really wants?

I dare say the slave owners in the South felt the same way: “What is so bad about getting food and water and shelter without having to pay.” Oh, you mean the slaves were paying for it with their lives? But, really, “what is so bad about going to … the doctor and not have to pay YOURSELF?”  Someone else will be paying, who cares.  The slave owners made the same argument and were equally wrong.

There is no middle ground between being a parasite and being free.

Everybody IS allowed to have an opinion. Everybody is NOT allowed to go out and take things from others by force. At least in a moral, civilized society. In a society of savages, sure, that is the difference between civilized society and a group of cannibals.  Regarding Europe and socialized medicine, the continent that brought us two World Wars, hundreds of millions of deaths from the philosophies that were the basis of things like National Socialism, Maoism (Marx), Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, has no moral standing when it comes to being free.

A free society can allow communities that are communist or socialist within it.  People are free to enslave themselves to others when they wish.  The reverse is not true, a communist or socialist society can not allow a FREE community in its midst.

What is so wrong about going to the car dealership and getting a car and not having to pay? What is so wrong about going to the grocery store and not having to pay for food? What is so wrong about going to the gas station and not having to pay?  What is so wrong about not paying your power bill?  You need all those things.

Food, shelter, transportation are all of much more immediate concern than medical care. Without them you won’t live long enough to need a Doctor. Why are this person’s “needs” more important than anyone else’s? What gives them the right to decide to force someone else to pay for them?

The answer is that a gun gives them the power, but not the right.  This position is the position of dictators and parasites and it is time to call it as such.  It is not the position of anyone who wants to remain free in a free country.  A society that embraces these values will not remain free for long.

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