Racist President Clinton views anti-immigrant sentiment due to race!

Former President Clinton says he understands “anti-immigrant sentiment”  because it is “white, male factory” workers who are out of jobs.  Way to pull the race card Mr President.  Only a true racist thinks it is about race.

Here is a clue F.P. Clinton, it is ANTI-ILLEGAL immigrant sentiment.  They are BREAKING THE LAW.  It is a difficult concept to understand for some people, but they are ILLEGAL BECAUSE THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW.  It is not an immigration problem, but an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION problem.  Too bad F.P. Clinton has to distort the issue and can’t debate the issue on the merits.  One would expect better from a former President.  Except perhaps F.P. Clinton.  Divide and conquer is the strategy.

Here is the full quotation:

The real reason there’s anti-immigrant sentiment is if you look at the numbers. It’s white male factory workers without a college degree got killed in the last decade. Men, in terms of their real wage loss, suffered even more than women did.  Clinton, April 28, 2010