Gringo Mask created by Racists at Zubi Advertising

A Miami advertising group – Zubi Advertising – has created the Gringo Mask.  Now imagine that someone had created a “[hispanic ethnic slur] mask.”  The United States flag would be hanging upside down and there would be protests everywhere.  Talk about a racist advertising group.  Imagine that after this imaginary group was criticized, they said what Zubi Advertising says: ‘We understand from your responses that some people might equate the word “Gringo” with an ethnic slur.  We do not.  It is simply a slang term used to describe Caucasians, and we don’t assign any negative connotations to it.’

So as long as ANYONE does not believe any “slang” is an “ethnic slur,” according to Zubi, you can use it.  Free reign for the racists at the KKK, the anti-semites like Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson, and racists like Spike “handkerchief-head, chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom” Lee (on Clarence Thomas).

It is interesting that the racists at Zubi Advertising who created are advocating criminal behavior on the part of illegal aliens.  What other crimes do the racists at Zubi Advertising support?

One has to apply the new standards of racism equally now.