Red Cross supports terrorists – Taliban, Hamas, Darfur

CNN reports that “the International Committee of the Red Cross is defending its practice of providing medical training and basic medical supplies to the Taliban in Afghanistan.”  In other words, the Red Cross is supporting the terrorists in Afghanistan – for four years!  The Red Cross also states “it has provided similar training in Darfur, Sudan and to Hamas members in Gaza.”  So the Red Cross supports terrorists in Sudan, Hamas, and racist genocide in Darfur.  What a wonderful illustration of the problems with the Red Cross.

As if it makes it all okay, the Red Cross says it is not “training the Taliban in surgical skills; the focus [is] on stabilizing those injured.”   Stabilizing injured terrorists makes it okay for the Red Cross – stabilizing terrorists so they can then come back and attack again.

When the Red Cross chooses to support individuals that intentionally try to kill innocent people, they are no longer neutral, the Red Cross has picked a side, the side of killers.

What a wonderful mission the Red Cross has undertaken, it is sick to help people who are intentionally out to kill innocent civilians. No one who values freedom should send any financial support to an organization like the Red Cross that supports a terrorist organization bent on violence and destroying the liberty of free people through terror.