Jail for videotaping gun-wielding cop in Maryland

Again, abuse of power by the police. No state prevents you from recording a public conversation. Is there a reasonable expectation of privacy out in public on the side of the road? No court has said there is.

What are the police so afraid of that they want to prevent people from keeping them honest? What are the police trying to hide? The lack of integrity is amazing. The reckless of the officer in this video is stunning.

For the first 4-5 seconds of this video it looks like a car-jacking! This power-hungry Maryland police officer pulls a gun, no badge visible, on a citizen. Then the police in Maryland arrest the man for posting this video.

The trouble is power-hungry police such as those in Maryland. You can tell which police are honest and which are not quite easily. Honest police have nothing to fear from recording. Dishonest police have everything to fear.

Remember, “When seconds county, the police are only minutes away.”