Racist Senator Harry Reid’s “tone darker” racist comments

“We are a nation of immigrants. So because the wave of immigrants we have now — their skin’s a tone darker than ours — doesn’t make it any different.” Harry Reid, August 11, 2010
Senator Harry Reid again shows he is a racist by bringing up the color of people’s skin.  We know that Senator Reid is obsessed with the color of people’s skin, but get over it, the rest of us do not care.  Many thought we had eliminated racists like Harry Reid years ago, but the people of Nevada have kept re-electing him. Yes, Senator Harry “Racist” Reid projects his own racism and attempts to confused the voters by bringing up skin color, but Senator Reid, please repent your racist statements, skin color is irrelevant.  Unless you are a racist.  Just like eye color.  Overt racism like Senator Reid’s is odious and it is disgusting to see a United States Senator so obsessed with skin color that he brings it up continually.
Racist Senator Harry Reid also needs to stop avoiding the issues, yes, we are “a nation of immigrants”.  That is obvious. What is also obvious is that it is LEGAL immigrants.  Senator, legal immigration is fine, so stop trying to confuse your voters.  No one has a problem with legal immigration.  The problem is that the first act of illegal immigrants is to break the law!  The fact that they are “illegal” means they broke the law.  Would you invite someone to stay in your house after they had just broken a window to get in?  If so, please post your address, there are a lot of illegal immigrants who might like a place to stay.
The Las Vegas Review Journal speaks of illegal immigrants who “sneak in.”  Would you say:  “Home invaders sneaked in and ate my food and took my money.”  “Bank robbers sneaked in and stole the jewels.”  Ah, NO.  Both broke in and broke the law in the process.  The issue is the United States has laws and borders for a reason just like every other country.  Immigration is great, but rewarding illegal immigration is not.