Where’s the Birth Certificate? What does “natural born citizen” mean?

The question is what does “natural born citizen” mean?  Since Reconstruction, it has usually meant one parent was a United States citizen.  Plainly President Obama meets the requirements if those are the criteria.  There have been arguments as to whether that is the definition for President or what the Constitution means, but ignoring that for now, the real question is if the President has nothing to hide, why has he spent so much money and effort to hide his birth certificate?

It is amazing that so many people are ignorant an uninformed and they work in the media, starting with The New York Times.  The press has decided to ignore important questions, and carry water for the White House.  Let’s be clear:

1. A certification of live birth is not a birth certificate, contrary to what George Stephanopoulos seems to think.

2. If there is nothing to hide, release the birth certificate.

3. Write a letter to the Governor of Hawaii and ask them to release it.

4. Stop spending millions of dollars to stop its release.

Where is the media asking WHY is the President hiding the information?

One wonders what this book will show: