Philadelphia Police, disgrace to the badge

If you listen to even the first 15 minutes of this tape you will hear the Philadelphia Police talk to a citizen like they are masters.  The Philadelphia Police involved in this should be fired and arrested.  They are a disgrace to the uniform.  There is no excuse for the police to threaten and hold a citizen at gunpoint while the citizen is performing a legal activity.

I am rarely disgusted by the police but these “officers” are the definition of the word “fascist.”  Disgraces to the badge, acting like common thugs, common criminals.  It is no surprise but the police here are unable to speak English without cursing. They make a mockery of their motto of “honor, service, and integrity” – they showed none of them.

The government always says that ignorance of the law is no excuse, that goes doubly when you are supposed to be enforcing it. Exercise your rights or lose them.

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