Racist Democrat Jim Clyburn plays the race card

[T]he president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin.  – Jim Clyburn, May, 25, 2011

Rep. Clyburn needs to understand that just because he is a racist and judges people based on the color of their skin, it doesn’t mean that most people do.  In fact most people don’t care about your skin color.  Get over it, the “racism” card could have played 40 or 50 years ago, but not any more.  Let’s look at his comment:

1. President Obama is elected, and then the racism starts?  Give it up, that is crazy.

2. According to the President, he is half-white, and felt like he was coming home to Ireland.  But so what.  President Obama’s skin color does not matter.  Or is Rep Clyburn embracing the “one drop” theory from two centuries ago?  One would hope he was more knowledgable and intelligent than that.

Most of President Obama’s critics base their criticism on policy.  There are few who are old-fashioned dinosaurs like Rep. Clyburn who believe that the color of someone’s skin is at all relevant, but most people realized how stupid that was decades ago.

Skin color is irrelevant just as eye color and hair color are.  The racist is the one hiding behind skin color to avoid legitimate criticism.

Is this “The New Civility” at work again?  When you can’t counter an argument you rely on scaring people and playing the race card.

It is great to note though that not a single member of the democrat controlled Senate voted for the Obama Budget proposal this year.  Are Obama’s troubles in the Senate due to the “color of his skin”?