Compromising Our Freedom Away – and now compromising our money away

Washington is abuzz that the Republican Congress must “compromise” on their no new taxes pledge.   The press believes that they can paint the Republicans as obstructionists.  Why?  Why is one side that stands for freedom and liberty being painted as the “obstructionists” for wanting to prevent the loss of liberty?

Let’s do a little experiment.  You stand at your back door.  I am going to stand at the street at the edge of your property.  Now, I say, “I want to be able to use all the property from the street to your front door.”  You say “no.”  I say, “Okay, let’s compromise.”  You say “no.”  I reply, “why you are you being an obstructionist and extreme?  Why won’t you compromise with me?”  The correct answer is that individual liberty and individual rights are not to be compromised away.

We started at the street over one hundred years ago with the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.  Every decade we have been told that the loss of freedom is “for a good cause” whether it be safety or health.  Now we are a substantial distance towards the front door.  Every year we compromise a little more freedom away.  Every decade the loss of liberty comes a little closer to your front door.  Every step towards the house is a loss of the hours of your life that are represented by the money you earn.   The power-hungry statists know without someone drawing a line in the sand, they will eventually reach the house.  It may be an inch a year, with some years being a few yards.  Slowly and steadily your freedom is being whittled away.

Goldwater was told that he was being extreme for avoiding compromise on the defense of liberty.  It is the technique of the power-hungry, anti-freedom crusaders to call those who stand for freedom “extreme” when the opposite is true.  The extreme spenders, and extremely power-hungry politicians in Washington are extremely eager to take your freedom from you and rule you from afar.

People who care about liberty are still being told “why don’t you compromise”?  Who compromises with the destroyers of liberty?  Why would anyone who is sane compromise on the defense of their freedom unless they want to be the ones who rule the rest of us?

Defense of the Constitution and Liberty is not obstructionism.  Defense of freedom is not extremism.