The Hypocrite Warren Buffett Says Rich should pay more

” It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.” – Warren Buffett

As has been Buffett’s refrain for years, he wants higher taxes.  But during the years of calling for higher taxes, Buffett has continually refused to put his money where is mouth is and pay more himself.  In fact, Buffett uses shelters and taxes to avoid paying more taxes himself.  He and Bill Gates have set up charitable foundations to avoid paying taxes on their fortunes.

Hypocrite?  Of course.  If you truly think you should be paying more, do not shelter tens of billions of dollars from taxes by using “loopholes” (a term used represent something legal, voted on by Congress to manipulate the uninformed).  Lead by example.

How about this proposal: a wealth tax on all billionaires who voted for President Obama at 30% of their net worth.  Also applied to any tax loopholes used to shelter their billions.

Fairness is equality, not equality in the animal farm sense where some are more equal than others.