Selling your liberty for a free phone and birth control

A friend now says that those who voted for President Obama are no longer welcome at their house.  She doesn’t believe in supporting those who would sell their (and our) freedom for a free phone and free birth control.  She doesn’t believe in supporting those that believe that their need gives them the right to force someone else to provide for them.  She knows that if she takes money directly from someone’s pocket, it is theft, whereas if the President does it, it is supposed to be admirable, but is not.  She knows it is not charity if it is someone else’s money.  She knows that it is racist to vote for someone because of his skin color.  She knows that nothing is free, not even health care – someone has to provide it. She knows that the quest for power in Washington knows no bounds.

As much as possible she intends to support those people and businesses that support liberty, and avoid those that do not.  She intends to support employees who value their freedom and let those who do not go.  She knows that freedom is the best path to prosperity and the only moral path.
In short, she believes in freedom and equality for everyone and is taking steps in her life to attest to that.  Her advice for the Republican Party is to adopt the slogan “We’ll stay out of your pocketbooks, and out of your bedroom.”  She’ll support the Constitution, and the Founder’s view of freedom in the hope of protecting liberty in the United States.