How Spammers can bypass SpamCop’s rules

Spammers need to keep finding ways to get past the spam filters.  One way to do this and in the process hurt SpamCop users is to disguise your spam.  Various methods exist to do this, but one that has an extra benefit is to make your spam look like a bill.  People come to your web site or have to phone you to get removed from your mailing list.  Both of which increase name recognition or contact with a potential customer.

Even better, SpamCop’s admins may view these as not spam since “they look like an unpaid bill” resulting in warnings for SpamCop users.  This is just want spammers want – cause extra work for SpamCop and get SpamCop users warned about reporting something that is spam, but doesn’t look like it.    Even better, since it looks like a bill and it requires effort to determine that it is not, you may not have to include an unsubscribe link so you can require people to call in to be removed, giving you an opening to sell to them.

You don’t even have to get the person’s name right – Jim Smith is as good as John Smith for admins at SpamCop who do not pay attention.