Philadelphia PYT displays Eagles running back LeSean McCoy’s ’20cent tip’ online. Violates Visa merchant terms?

A copy of a receipt signed by Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy with only a 20 cent tip went up on eBay Saturday morning. The bidding started at, you guessed it, 20 cents.

The real question here is, what kind of establishment decides they don’t like you, your attitude or your tip, they’ll out you online? Why would anyone patronize an establishment that does not respect the privacy and rights of their customers? Displaying your customers bill and credit card receipt online is despicable.

The real question here is an issue of the contracts between Visa/Mastercard/American Express and the establishment that is requiring you to hand over your credit card information?

Visa’s contract with the merchant seems to requiree that the receipt be deposited [1, page 12]

For example the Visa guidelines state:

Create two transaction receipts, one for the deposit and one for the balance . Write, print out, or stamp “Deposit” or “Balance,” as appropriate, on the receipt .


  • Keep all material containing account numbers—whether on paper or electronically—in a secure area accessible to only selected personnel . Merchants with paper receipts should be extremely careful during the storage or transfer of this sensitive information . Merchants should at all times:
    • –  Promptly provide the drafts to their acquirer .
    • –  Destroy all copies of the drafts that are not delivered to the acquirer .  [p 14]


It would appear that YPT Philadelphia is violating the terms of the Visa agreement.  Mastercard and American Express have similar terms.