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Bill Barr to resign in disgrace after hunter and joe biden coverup

Attorney General Bill Barr will resign in disgrace, 12/23/2020 after helping to orchestrate the pre-election coverup of the Hunter and Joe Biden DOJ investigation.

Hey, AG Barr, and the rest of DC, we are not children. Hiding information like Fauci, and Jerome Adams and others have done is despicable. People deserve the facts, they don’t need to be managed.

The nanny state, deep state, inside the beltway idiots want to keep the voters, ignorant, uninformed, and dependent in order to maintain their own power. Completely disgusting.

Is Barr like that? Hiding vital information from the voters makes it seem that way.

Vaccine now, don’t wait.

President Trump should order the FDA, CDC etc to begin administering any vaccines in production one month after Phase 3 trials begin to anyone who wishes to receive them. It would be breaking the rules, but I hope that Trump would consider ordering the CDC/FDA etc to allow the vaccines that are currently in Phase 3 trials to be administered prior to the completion of the trial, but after the first month when (IF) the trials shows they are safe during the first month.  e.g. one month after the first phase of the 3rd trial, let people who want it, get it since they’ve already ordered tons of doses and they are manufacturing them now.  There is really no downside since it would’ve been safely administered in phase 1, 2, and 3.  I am sure there would be pushback from the bureaucracies, but it would be a smart thing to do even if it doesn’t fit the CDC/FDA etc. rules which were written for non-pandemic times.  I am sure plenty of people would use such a move to attempt to hurt him for the election, but if the science said it was safe, it would make the political objections obvious.  Most importantly it would help everyone if it was effective.

Slowing the spread, Flattening the curve, not stopping the spread of covid-19/coronavirus

Today’s announcement about the 15 days to slow the spread is important. Note that this is NOT about stopping the spread. That ship sailed at the end of December 2019 or early January 2020 once it escaped (or was allowed to escape) from China.

Everyone (or some large percentage of a population) is going to get this at some point until there is herd immunity (60-70% of the population as a start) or a vaccine. The goal is to stop a short-term spike, not stop people from getting it.

Of course the same people from the WHO back in January who were saying it wasn’t being transmitted person-to-person are now advising the US government. The same people from NIH/CDC who were saying back in February that it didn’t pose a significant risk to the US population are advising them too. Ditto the same people saying masks don’t help, UNLESS you are a first responder.

If the closures were required in March [edit: and now April], what exactly will have changed by May, June or even September – no vaccine, no herd immunity, no double blind studies showing the efficacy of a treatment etc.   Perhaps widespread fast and accurate testing will allow people out, but so far the testing accuracy has been lacking.

Continuing it longer than 15 or 30 days will make no difference long term unless it continues for 12-24 months without testing and then quarantining people who test positive . Shutting everything down for 1 or 2 years is tantamount to suicide for the country and the world.

Some huge portion of the world population will get it eventually unless there is a vaccine. It is just a question of when.