Nielsen ratings embraces the democrat’s racist ‘one drop’ rule?

This is how stupid Nielsen ratings are.  If your spouse is hispanic – from Mexico, Cuba or any other Spanish speaking nation, or of Spanish descent – they are classified as “hispanic.” No matter how distant the descent. They ask the language primarily spoken by each person in the home.  They also ask the “race” of each person, so by their (idiotic) definitions, if one parent is white and the other is hispanic, then kids are hispanic.  This the Democrat’s old “one drop rule” at play again. (The “one drop rule” was a rule created by the southern Democrat slave owners and their progeny that stated that if one had “one drop” of “black blood” they were consider to be black.) Of course, embracing the racism of dividing and classifying people by race is de rigueur in Washington today, so it isn’t surprising. Of course, you can pick anything you want for race or anything else since they don’t verify it.

The evilness and vileness of dividing people by skin color manifests itself repeatedly in every day life.  When you have people all over the world sowing division, envy and hate by attempting to divide people by immutable characteristics such as skin color it can only serve one purpose to divide and conquer. Today the racists are the same political party who embraced slave ownership previously with the same evil views about “race.” There is one race, the human race. Stop dividing people, unite them.

Instead of uniting people about the benefits of the rule of law, liberty and freedom, the purpose is to divide and then conquer in order to ensure their own power and riches.