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survivor’s racist cast members

The blatant racism on CBS’ Survivor this season is disgusting. Suppose a white guy said  “we have to work together as two straight white guys” would that be okay? Would CBS bring the cast together and castigate them? Would they point it out to the viewers? [Wait, are the thought police saying White and Black now have to be capitalized or is it only one?]

One cast member said: “We’re going to work together as two black women”. “I think it’s  an advantage to be playing with two women of color”.

The fact that Probst didn’t call them out on a racist statement like that is disturbing, but par for the course.

She seems to believe in the old Democrat slaveowner’s “One Drop Rule” since at least one of the pair seems half half white. You know the old racist, one drop rule that the Democrat Party espoused for centuries? The one that says that “one drop of black blood means you are black”? Perhaps everyone needs to have their DNA analyzed to show their precise percentages of ancestry so as to know where one fits in.

This whole Survivor thing is counterproductive.  Instead of uniting people this divides people by immutable characteristics. It Balkanizes.  It is targeting that Asian too. So it is anti-Asian and anti-White racism. The Asian isn’t the right minority?  Both in the next game and in real life people will now wonder if the “black” skin people are targeting non-blacks – e.g. smart players of Hispanic descent, European descent, and Asian descent should be cognizant of the potential for a racist alliance to form.  Who will that help and who will that hurt?  It seems clear.

Jeff was so concerned about using the word “guys” as an inclusive term, he sure is ignoring racism that is in front of him. What would CiCi say?  Did she need to rely on skin color?  No, she got off the couch and did a great job without any racist behavior. I actually had to go back and make sure I wasn’t misremembering her skin color, that is how irrelevant it should be for non-racists.

Going forward if the White men, White women, Asian men, Asian women, Hispanic women, and Hispanic men don’t divide themselves or at least question if there is a racist alliance going on they aren’t paying attention to this season. The “people of color” alliance encourages division, hate, and racism.

Really though of what relevance is skin color unless you are a racist?

This isn’t reverse racism, this is out and out pure, blatant racism. Jeff Probst and CBS should be ashamed of themselves for not calling it out. Survivor is doing a disservice to the country by not calling out this overt racism for what it is:  immoral and evil.

Is CBS and Jeff Probst really in favor of this kind of naked racism? Are they racist themselves?


And the racism continues on : 11/10/2021 with the reference to “Black girl magic”. Imagine if it was “white girl/guy magic”? Of course, there is no such thing and she choked.