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Never click on “unsubscribe” links in email that is spam – e.g. unsolicited email that you did not request.

I get a ton of spam email. Some of the most notable ones are from the following where the corporations are incompetent and unable to verify an email address prior to creating an account. You should never click on any link in an email unless you are 100% sure that you know the sender and it has not been faked. 

I suspect that many of these are legit that someone were created by someone who didn’t know their own email address. They may be or may not be, there is no way to know.

Why shouldn’t you unsubscribe? Because you never know if the link you are clicking to “unsubscribe” is an actual unsubscribe link or a link to a zero-day exploit which will then compromise your device – your iPhone, Windows computer, Mac, Android device etc.

You should only hit the “spam” or “junk” button for any email that you didn’t subscribe to. Even if it could be a legit company, don’t risk it.

Here are some of the ones I get the most junk from:

oceanstatejoblot.com – continual receipts etc (email@emailoceanstatejoblot.com), webteam@virginmedia.com – continual bills from the UK, imports@email.pier1.com, harborfreight.comMidwayUSA@email.midwayusa.com, @groupon.com, dallasnews.com, TalbotsCustomerService@e.talbots.com, cargurus@mail.cargurus.com, petrescuers@email3.homeagain.com, Ashley.Sommers@eleadtrack.net, redlobsteremail@em.redlobster.com, nytimes@e.newyorktimes.com, tdelong@drivecoyledeals.com, MazdaofFortMyers@s1.eautodealerhub.com, dv8@email.dv8fashion.com, rvera@familypowersports.com, noreply+b65178c684193384@formstack.com, enroll@aiuniv.edu, rai@email4.camel.com, batonrouge@pigtailsandcrewcuts.com, blakely@drivecoyledeals.com, Chevrolet@delivery.chevrolet.com, argurus@mail.cargurus.com, JulieParker@drivecoyledeals.com, tdelong@drivecoyledeals.com

Potential Walgreens Privacy and HIPAA issues?

It appears that Walgreens has some potentially serious Privacy and HIPAA issues on their web site.

We have a report about a parent who was creating a Walgreens account for their child so they could print out the receipts. It appears that you can create an account for anyone as long as you know their birthday and name.

The steps are as follows. Continue reading Potential Walgreens Privacy and HIPAA issues?