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Two most racist survivor contestants are out – “represented the black community.”

The good news is that the two most overtly racist Survivor players are out as of tribal council. Unlike them, most people don’t define others by irrelevant characteristics like their skin color.

“I wanted to make sure I represented the black community as well as possible.” – Dec 1, 2021

Just image if it was:

“I wanted to make sure I represented the white community as well as possible.” The outrage would’ve been instant.

Note to the two racists who are now on the jury: You are the one making blackness your defining feature. The world and country as a whole are not doing so. Most people don’t care about skin color, they care about you as a person. They care about how much you try.

Now, just to be clear, these two may be very nice in person, but they really should stop defining themselves by skin color and thinking that everyone else is doing so too. That is projection.

If I had been on with them, I’d have loved to work with them, but they would’ve been too racist to work with us. Just like they wouldn’t work with a person of Asian descent.

One racist voted out of survivor

And more racism tonight on Survivor:

“I wanted to do it for the [black] culture. ” and “Connecting over our blackness.”

I hope the lesson here is that racists don’t prosper, no matter what their skin color.

Just imagine if it had been we were “connecting over our whiteness” or someone “wanted to do it for the white culture.”

The outrage would (rightly) be huge. And yet Jeff Probst and CBS are silent about overt racism rearing its ugly head in the Fall of 2021.

At least after the vote tonight, one of the racists is out: racism and racists should not prosper.