American Diabetes Association says Obama’s tax increase is “only 5%”

The American Diabetes Association called me today, “not to ask for money.”  In the course of the conversation, the lady from the American Diabetes Association said that Obama’s tax increase is “only going to be about 5%.  It’s not that much.”

My mother died of pancreatic cancer and I generally do support charities that deal with diseases of the pancreas (including being on the founding board of PanCan), but since the American Diabetes Association thinks that it is “not that much” they’ll be the ones who realize that the “not that much” comes out of their budget.  But since it is “not that much” the American Diabetes Association won’t miss it.

When a charity calls today, this is what I am going to say when they ask for money:

Oh, didn’t you know that we have a new President in Washington?  I suggest that now that he has declared that he is the best person to decide who “needs” the money more that you and I call the White House and see if you can beg from them.  His tax increases are taking my charitable donations.  The choice is simple: vote freedom or statism/socialism.

Now, I’ll still be donating, but it will be to charities that (a) support freedom, and (b) don’t sit at the trough of the federal government claiming handouts from the rest of us at the point of a gun.