Economic Advice

Since the White House seems to be in need of economic advice, here are a few suggestions that would help to turn things around quickly.  Items #1 and #2 would not cost anything.

1. Eliminate Mark to Market – for people holding until the asset matures, mark to market is crazy.

2. Reinstate the uptick rule in order to restore some balance to the market.

3. Instead of spending more than $1.2 trillion on questionable projects, much of which won’t be spent for years, stop collecting income taxes for 2009.  Federal Revenue in 2007 was approximately $2.5 trillion with individual income taxes making up a bit over 40% of that.  So, drop the stimulus and put the money right back in everyone’s pocket this week.  Save $200 billion, and let the citizens of the company keep their own money.

4. Talk about some of the positives: lower fuel costs, productivity and the like.