60 second solution to the Health Care debate

Instead of the Washington, DC photo op, here is a 60 second overview that would fix the health insurance system if it is going to be fixed from Washington.

1. Cross state competition – allow YOU to buy insurance from any company in any state.

2. Lawsuit reform to end frivolous lawsuits.

3. Allow Doctor recommended treatments.

4. Pre-existing conditions ignored during a one-month open enrollment period each year.

5. Portability.  You leave your job, you can take your health insurance with you.

6. Equalize tax treatment of health insurance.

These six items, all freedom oriented, would solve the “health insurance problem.”

Let freedom work.  You don’t have “food” insurance.  You don’t have “water” insurance.  Both are much more important than health insurance and competition has provided a surfeit of both.  You know what works best for YOU.  Let freedom work.