Detroit Mayor wants to force people to leave homes!

“Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday he “absolutely” intends to relocate residents from desolate neighborhoods and is bracing for inevitable legal challenges when he unveils his downsizing plan.”
Detroit News, February 25, 2010

With all due respect to the Mayor, the time has come to break Detroit up. Big cities that can’t support themselves are ripe to be broken up into smaller, more responsive, less corrupt areas that will take into account the will of their residents.

Moving people out of “blighted” areas by force? This sounds like something out of East Germany and the USSR. Mr Mayor, this is a free country and this type of action is something that Stalin or Mao would do.

Pro-growth policies and smaller government are the only way to save and revitalize Detroit (and other large cities). More of the same old failed policies -and worse, as this one is- will only lead to more people leaving the city.